Key Points to Know about the Asbestos Survey Inspection

If you are purchasing an abandoned industrial building, the chances for asbestos may be fairly high. This means you need to have an asbestos survey. This type of survey is usually part of the pre-purchase building inspection. If you have never dealt with this kind of inspection, here are a few key points you need to know. 

Visual Versus Tangible Testing

The main point to understand about your asbestos survey is that visual surveys are not enough. Your inspectors cannot identify most forms of asbestos based on visual contact online. This means they need to do tangible testing. This type of testing is done by taking samples of different areas that are registering for possible asbestos. These areas may be the walls of the warehouse, floor or even paint. Specific areas may be listed on their building inspection. If this is the case, the inspector will take that list and obtain tangible samples of each area. 

Lab Results

You will not find out on the day of the inspection what items had asbestos and what levels of asbestos you have. The tangible testing, and the samples collected during that process, will be sent to a lab. It can take several days to receive the results of the lab tests. Once these lab tests are sent to the building inspectors, you will be given the report. If you want a copy of that inspection and report, it can be sent to your contractor. You can then move towards a remediation plan. 

Remediation Plans

Remediation plans are created based on the amount and location of asbestos found during the inspection and lab processes. The plan is designed to help contractors locate the areas with asbestos, take the proper removal preparation precautions and to finally remediate and remove the asbestos. This is a step you will discuss with your contractors following the inspection results and lab results of asbestos samples. Your contractor will discuss the best options for moving forward and arrange a time to start the removal or remediation process. 

By keeping these key points about the asbestos survey in mind, you will be able to make it through the process smoothly. You will also know what to expect and what issues may arise. If you have any questions regarding the process, contact your building inspector or contractor. They can let you know what to expect regarding your specific warehouse and inspection. They can also discuss what to do if a problem occurs. Contact a service that offers asbestos surveys to learn more.