What to Look For in an Asbestos Disposal Contractor

If you have asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) on your premises, having them properly disposed of is a very important step. Any item that has more than 0.1% asbestos is classified as being hazardous. And while the risks of asbestos fibres are well known, many people still don't follow the right procedures when disposing of this harmful substance. An asbestos disposal contractor can help you safely identify and dispose of items that may contain friable asbestos. [Read More]

2 Common Causes of Damage to Plaster Ceilings in Your Home

Plastering is used in many modern Australian homes. Plasterboard is cheap, easy to install and fire resistant. However, unfortunately, plaster on the ceilings of your home may occasionally need repair or restoration work carried out on it in order to keep it in tip-top condition. If you do not take steps to repair damaged plaster, the problem could eventually become much more serious and more expensive to repair. Below is a guide to 2 common causes of problems with plaster in your home. [Read More]

How To Improve Your Buildings' Structural Strength

Many buildings experience stresses, such as seismic forces, which can compromise their structural integrity. Several methods or products can be used to repair the building so that its structural performance can be enhanced. This article discusses some of the structural repair options. Use of FRP Systems Fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) sheets can be used to add structural strength to a building that has been found to be failing. For example, the structural columns of a building can start developing cracks if that building starts being used as a storage space for heavy machinery. [Read More]

4 Tips for Restoring Your Pontoon Boat

It may be more affordable for you to restore your old pontoon boat instead of replacing it with a new one. This article discusses the components that you should pay attention to during that restoration project. The Deck The deck is arguably the most essential component of any pontoon boat. Inspect the deck carefully so that you identify any defects that can shorten the service life of the restored pontoon boat. [Read More]