Why It Is Crucial to Buy the Highest Quality Transformer

In a sophisticated industrial or commercial setting, energy must be delivered efficiently and consistently if the operation is to stand up to the challenge. The electricity will be provided by the utility company, but it must be converted to the proper specification for use in various parts of the facility. It's therefore crucial to ensure that all equipment is first class and is installed correctly, as otherwise, failure will undoubtedly ensue. [Read More]

Answering Your Question About Asbestos

Asbestos was once commonly used as a building insulator but is now outlawed as a construction material in many areas of the world. If your home or office has asbestos, or you suspect the presence of asbestos for any reason, it's best to call an asbestos management company for a full inspection and plan of action. In the meantime, note a few common questions about asbestos and its management. When is asbestos dangerous? [Read More]

What to Look For in an Asbestos Disposal Contractor

If you have asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) on your premises, having them properly disposed of is a very important step. Any item that has more than 0.1% asbestos is classified as being hazardous. And while the risks of asbestos fibres are well known, many people still don't follow the right procedures when disposing of this harmful substance. An asbestos disposal contractor can help you safely identify and dispose of items that may contain friable asbestos. [Read More]