What to Look For in an Asbestos Disposal Contractor

If you have asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) on your premises, having them properly disposed of is a very important step. Any item that has more than 0.1% asbestos is classified as being hazardous. And while the risks of asbestos fibres are well known, many people still don't follow the right procedures when disposing of this harmful substance.

An asbestos disposal contractor can help you safely identify and dispose of items that may contain friable asbestos. You would be surprised just how many items may contain this substance. From roofing material to window sealants and floors to the brake pads of your car tyres, asbestos was widely used prior to the 1970s.

When choosing an asbestos disposal contractor, here are important qualities to look for.

1. Experience

Safely dealing with asbestos requires lots of experience. The contractor should know how to safely identify ACMs, package them for disposal and transport them to relevant disposal sites.

Look for a contractor who has handled asbestos removal and disposal from schools, homes, hospitals and other similar premises.

2. Knowledge and expertise

Another important quality to look for is knowledge and expertise in asbestos disposal. The contractor you choose should have the necessary certifications and skills in dealing with ACMs. They should also use the right tools when handling contaminated material on your premises.

Make sure you check that the company you're hiring is appropriately licenced, insured and certified.

3. Attention to detail

Asbestos removal varies from one location to another. The procedures used to remove and dispose asbestos from a school may not be the same as the procedures used in hospitals or homes.

Therefore, choose a contractor who pays attention to detail when working on your premises. They should know how to handle asbestos-containing materials in roofs, HVAC systems, flooring materials and other areas. In addition, they should know how to safely label and transport asbestos to designated disposal sites.

4. Adherence to local regulations

Most importantly, make sure your asbestos disposal contractor adheres to local regulations regarding asbestos disposal. Any contractor breaking the law by disposing of ACMs in the wrong location (or poorly handling the material during transportation) can be fined heavy amounts. You may also be liable for any negligence when disposing asbestos from your property.

Therefore, make sure your contractor is knowledgeable of all authorised asbestos waste sites in the area. The workers should also use proper protective equipment such as masks, gloves and goggles.