3 Main Benefits of Carrying Out Pre Purchase Asbestos Building Inspections

Since 2003, it is illegal in Australia to construct a house with materials that contain asbestos. However, most of the older buildings were constructed when asbestos and asbestos-containing compounds were common. If the asbestos stuck inside the house starts disintegrating, the fibres become exposed to the environment. People who come into short or long-term contact with asbestos run the risk of suffering from mesothelioma, lung cancer, pleural thickening, and other forms of lung cancer.

If you are buying a house that was constructed when asbestos was legal, you should consider having it inspected for asbestos. Here are the three main benefits of pre-purchase asbestos building inspections.

1. Compliance With the Law

Over the decades, there have been countless personal injury claims against building owners because of asbestos poisoning. The office of the ombudsman in areas such as New South Wales has been following up on these cases. The federal government is being pressured to create laws that compel building owners to disclose the condition of their buildings regarding the presence of asbestos.

To comply with the law, all building owners will be needed to inform buyers and renters of asbestos presence. As a homeowner, this could mean that if you buy a house that hasn't been inspected for asbestos presence and it ends up having it, you will have a hard time selling.

2. Assess the Resale Value of the House

If you buy a house containing asbestos, you will have no option than to remodel it to remove the excess asbestos. Asbestos remediation and reconstructing the areas affected is a capital-intensive venture.

When you know about its presence, you will make an offer that subtracts this spending. Remember that if you buy the house when it still has asbestos, you might have severe problems if you decide to auction it.

3. Safeguard the Health of Your Family

Contact with asbestos causes a lot of short and long-term health complications that can lead to death. If you are buying a residential home, you should make sure that the house is safe from all toxic compounds.

Hiring an expert for the inspection will assure you that you are not putting your loved ones at risk of any health complications.

Another reason to invest in pre-purchase asbestos building inspections is to save the money you might end up spending on remodelling, asbestos removal, and possible lawsuits from asbestos exposure victims. Choose a competent inspection company for a safe and healthy home.

For more information, contact a pre-purchase asbestos building inspection service.