3 Critical Signs Your Dry-Type Transformer Is Failing and Requires Urgent Repairs

Transformers are crucial in powering and supporting most workplace operations. That's why every business owner must remain proactive when it comes to transformer repairs or replacement. A faulty cast resin distribution transformer can halt many business functions and result in costly downtime. However, you can prevent all that by conducting a thorough evaluation, proper maintenance, and timely repairs of the unit. 

When conducting transformer assessment, the presence of the following signs will mean the unit is due for repairs or replacement.

Funny or unusual noises

Perhaps one unmistakable sign that your transformer isn't correctly functioning is unusual sounds coming from the equipment. If you notice abnormal sounds from your transformer, make sure you contact a qualified electrician to diagnose and fix the problem. 

Variations in the device's tone or pitch might also indicate distress. Therefore, pay extra attention to the sounds your dry type transformer produces, as it can help you learn whether it requires urgent repairs. 

Change of colour to the unit's insulation

Another critical sign that your transformer is failing is the change of colour on its insulation. One most significant contributor to this problem is the heat produced by the unit. Constant operation over extended periods causes the transformer to produce heat, which, in turn, affects the insulation's colour. It might start turning darker than usual and eventually lose its initial colour.  

You can assess your cast resin distribution transformer's insulation by checking the exterior windings at the top and middle sections. When heated, hot air rises and causes the top insulation sections to lose their regular colour compared to the bottom sections. Therefore, if you notice a significant difference in colour between the top and bottom sections of the unit, know that your transformer is overheating and requires more attention. 

Changes in the unit's vibration

If your cast resin distribution transformer begins shaking abnormally, that might be indicative of a problem. Excessive vibrations might mean that the equipment is breaking down. Generally, dry-type transformers are designed with rubber pads on their runners to minimize the device's vibrations. 

However, these pads wear down with time and cease offering the much-needed cushioning. Consequently, that might result in potential damage to other parts of your transformer. During the assessment, check out for any worn out pads and have your technician replace them to prevent further damage. 

Are your power transformers exhibiting any of these three signs? If that's the case, consult with a professional repair and restoration expert to have it fixed or replaced for uninterrupted power supply and business operations.