4 Tips for Restoring Your Pontoon Boat

It may be more affordable for you to restore your old pontoon boat instead of replacing it with a new one. This article discusses the components that you should pay attention to during that restoration project. The Deck The deck is arguably the most essential component of any pontoon boat. Inspect the deck carefully so that you identify any defects that can shorten the service life of the restored pontoon boat. [Read More]

Does Your Basement's Damp Proof Course Require Replacement?

If you are like a good number of Australian homeowners, chances are your basement is one of the rooms in your home that is infrequently used. You probably use this space as extra storage, or maybe you have delegated it to laundry. This neglect of this area is what makes it most prone to undetected water ingress, which could end up severely impacting the stability of your entire home. What homeowners rarely consider is that the basement is their first line of defence against moisture damage since the damp proof course is installed between this space and the foundation. [Read More]

Rising Damp Repairs — Why It Is Imperative To Address This Scourge

Your house starts to develop rising damp when moisture from the ground begins to seep through the foundation and the walls of your structure. Therefore, this problem tends to affect residences constructed with porous materials such as bricks, stone and so on. Although most of these structures will be built with a damp-proof course installed at the offset, this barrier can steadily degrade over time and allow for moisture ingress. Moreover, the rate at which rising damp occurs can be accelerated if the structure is exposed to other water sources such as runoff from stormwater or inadequate drainage. [Read More]

Important Advice on How to Conduct Leaking Shower Repairs

Leaky shower heads or faucets can be expensive and irritating. Other than the annoying drip, a leaky faucet wastes hundreds of water gallons each week. What's worse, any leak on the hot water section wastes energy because the heater operates continually to warm the water that is being drawn unnecessarily. This can lead to skyrocketing energy costs. Over time, water leaks inside the wall can cause mould, dry rot and structural problems that are both expensive to repair and hazardous. [Read More]